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The Grade 5 PYP Exhibition is a highly anticipated event that brings the whole school community together. It allows the students to explore global issues in the local context. In this student-initiated and student-driven unit of inquiry, students have an opportunity to inquire into topics they are most passionate about and to showcase knowledge and skills they have developed throughout the PYP.

Creative thinking can inspire solutions for the future.

This year's PYPX was developed through the

 'How We Organize Ourselves' 

transdisciplinary theme.

PYPX Central Idea:

PYPX Timeline

WEEK 1 - Feb 28th - March 4th 

Beginning our PYPX journey:

Tuning-in: G5 students came together to share their ideas and feelings about the PYPX.

Students also set goals for their PYPX using their ATL self-assessments from last week.

THINKING SKILLS: The students worked collaboratively to sort a range of issues & opportunities into categories.

The students looked at the Learner Profile attributes and how & why they are connected to the World's global issues.

Week 2 - March 7th - 11th 

This week students chose their groups and topics. They met this week to begin thinking about their questions and how they will do the PYP Exhibition together.

Students brainstormed about their chosen PYPX topics and wrote questions.

They used the key concepts to guide our questioning. These questions will inspire students' Lines of Inquiry.

Week 3 - March 14th - 18th 

As school transitioned to online learning this week, Grade 5 students began working on their research for their chosen topics.

(Planning for action survey)

Week 4 - March 21st - 25th 

During Week 4 of the PYPX students continued working on their research. They used Note Catcher while collecting relevant information and then sharing important information with their groups. 

They evaluated the information collected and determined how they want to proceed with their research.

Week 5 - March 28th - April 1

During Week 5 students met with their mentors to share and discuss their plans and their progress.

Students shared their topics and the research they have done so far, and mentors shared ideas and resources with the students.

Week 6 April 11th - 15th 

During Week 6 of PYPX students met with their mentors to introduce their Central Idea and lines of inquiry. 

They shared all the research they have done so far and reflected on their goals and their ATLs (Approaches to Learning or skills)

Week 7April 18th - 22nd 

During Week 7 of the exhibition, students brainstormed, drafted, and wrote their writing pieces about their PYPX topics.

The range of writing pieces included information essay, opinion writing pieces and many more.

Week 8 April 25th - 29th 

During Week 8 of the PYPX, students brainstormed and planned a creative piece that conveys a message about their PYPX topic or Central Idea. The purpose of the piece is to spread awareness about the chosen topic.

Week 9 May 3rd - 6th

Staging of the PYPX

In the final week of the PYP Exhibition, students finished working on their creative interpretations, completed their ATL self-assessments, chose and submitted their final pieces of work, and reflected on the process of the PYPX.

Congratulations Grade 5, you did it!



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